15. “Friendship, Peace, and Spring”

Just a quick one this week on the Changchun Sculpture Park, which I visited last week. Mainly pictures this week, so none of my boring prose. You’re welcome!

I will however give it a brief introduction… Found to the south of the city, the Sculpture park is reportedly the biggest in the world, boasting hundreds of works from artists across the whole world. Our guidebook explain that is is 920 square kilometres of some of the finest artwork to be found in the northeast of China. Whilst this is clearly wrong, the 920 hectares of ground was nontheless impressive. After my abject failure understanding the nuances of the majority of the pieces being exhibited, I’ve decided to leave it up to you to ponder them instead….

As usual, there are many more photos on the Facebook page, but for now enjoy the smorgasbord of contemplation that I’ve made for you.

Where possible (and more honestly where I can remember) I’ve included some names!


IMG_2655 IMG_2657

For those of you who recognise Rodin’s the Thinker and Les Bourgeois de Calais, the Park claimed that they were authentic and not replicas… I’m pretty sure that I saw the Thinker sometime last year, and Les Bourgeois de Calais have a permanent place in…. Calais!

IMG_2661 IMG_2667

Door                                                Springtime

IMG_2671 IMG_2676

The first of Spring                                              The Kiss

IMG_2678 IMG_2685  IMG_2689

Sun and moon

IMG_2705 IMG_2715

The Elders

IMG_2722 IMG_2727IMG_2716IMG_2731

The Silk Road


A personal favourite of mine is a world entitled, ‘The unseen helper’. It was even better in the flesh!!


The centrepiece of the Sculpture Park is a true masterpiece, and culmination of several artists efforts-  Ye Yushan, Pan He, Cheng Yunxian, Wang Keqing and Cao Chunsheng. Their work, entitled “Friendship, Peace, and Spring” encompasses their vision of a united world, brought together in solidarity and goodwill.


Surrounding the 30m central totem, are 5 adjoining representing what some see as the lifeblood of world culture- music. Each of the spin offs represent a continent, and play instruments typical of these- flutes and guitars to drums and violins. There are also carvings of animals in the backdrop- a Puma from the Americas, a Lion from Africa, a Bull from Europe, a Tiger from Asia and a Kangaroo from Oceania.


IMG_2742 IMG_2743


The backdrop of the hundreds of sculptures pointing towards this emphatic symbol of hope for the future is a real triumph- one which I saw as inspiring, at any rate….




Agreeably, not a sculpture, but count the cranes!! No wonder we’re all smogged up!


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