Hi all, This will be my blog for the next year in China and first of all I’d like to say how humbled I am for taking an interest in my travels, emotional.

For those who have this as fresh information, and know nothing of what I’m doing or where I’m going, then let’s assume that I found it too hard to break the news to you personally. I’m most likely still cut up about it, so let’s not mention it!!

I’ll be living in the medium-size, northwestern city of Changchun, sandwiched between Mongolia and the Pacific Ocean with Russia to the north and world-leading diplomacy expert North Korea away to the south. With the 8 million population expanding, this industrial city may seem large by our comparisons, but I’m assured that it is quite modest by Chinese standards.

As for the job I’ll be doing- teaching English in China- I can only confess my guilt of being nothing other than a rank cliche of a recently-graduated language student ready to roam the world before getting on with something proper! I’ll be mainly teaching primary and secondary school children, however during the year-long contract I’ll also be asked to dust off my technical and professional teaching manual to focus on adult learners.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and of course I’ll try my best to answer any general musings which you have and handle manfully any comments which come my way. I’ll quickly state that nothing I say is intended to offend, undermine or misrepresent anyone in any way, and that anything written will be very much based on my personal experiences, but other experiences are available, so please don’t take this as gospel. If you do disagree with anything I say, all I can say is that I’ve failed you.


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